Rauh Welt Begriff 

While taking in the sights at the Inguinal Concurs d'Elegance held on the beautiful grounds of Chateau Elan I quickly noticed this RWB Porsche.  

Rauh Welt Begriff is the creation of Arika Nakai better known as Nakai-San. Nakai started modifying and drifting the iconic AE86 in the 90’s. Nakai was working in a body in a body shop where he was introduced to a wrecked Porsche 911. 

I learned that Nakai San interviews customers to get a sense of style and the vehicles purpose. After that's done build components are shipped to be painted by the owner. The final stage begins with Nakai-San showing up to your garage to personally install everything...WOW!

"Rauh" means rough, "Welt" means world and "Begriff" means concept...RWB or Rough World Concept. 

A name is given to each car that reflects its owners character. Names can seem random but there's always a meaning behind them. Nakai's 930 is named Stella Artois because he loves Belgian Beer.