Strobist Evolv200

When you know your model is LEGIT

Me and a couple of photog friends were scouting models for a weekend shoot. We already confirmed one and were casually looking for a possible second. Mychael reached out and messaged a model who said she was from New Jersey and would be in town over the weekend. She wanted to meet up with local photogs to shoot.

Fast forward to the day of the shoot and everything's going as planned. Shoot #1 is just about over and Mychael shows up with the out of town model. Now after lugging gear around this park and a few outfit changes we are beat! Shaheedah Miles shows up and shows out! She immediately asks for music and begins to move and contort her body from one beautiful pose  into the next. 

Click the pic to see what I was able to capture. Shaheedah whenever your in town we have to do it again.