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First Time Second Shooter.

Like many photogs out there im looking for opportunity to build on my skills as well as showcase them. I out of town photographer was hired to shoot a wedding in my area and they made a Facebook post looking for a second shooter. This is pretty common tho, I rarely throw my name in the hat with the rest of the horde of people trying to be selected for a gig. 

Welp, I just moved to a new city and I thought its time to put myself out there and try new things. I tossed a couple of links to my work in the post and wouldn't you know it...they picked me! The photographer and I shot a few dm's back and fourth and next thing I know im second shooting a wedding in a couple of weeks. 

I was tasked with shooting the groom and groomsmen as they traveled from the hotel to the ceremony venue. I have to tell you, shooting in a moving stretched hummer limousine is not easy.  


Catholic weddings differ from traditional weddings. A Catholic wedding is first and foremost a liturgy—that is, the public prayer of the whole Church, not just a private ceremony for those present. Cameras and equipment aren't allowed to be placed where they will disturb the liturgy. 

The weddings location was Mission Conception. I scouted the location prior to the ceremony so I knew it was dimly lit. Thankfully we were allowed to use on-camera flash. Our movement was heavily restricted I shot from one side of the room and the primary photog had the opposite side. If you find yourself shooting a Catholic wedding be sure to ask someone in charge about the rules, they vary from place to place. 

On a Whole New Level

This is my third model shoot with my new lighting setup and I have nothing but good things to say about it. My previous shoots help get me up to speed with the functionality of the equipment. I quickly learned the advantages it has vs my old gear. Going into this shoot I knew I wanted it to be different than the others.I wanted it to challenge myself with lighting my subject and make it the best I've ever done.

The shoot location was Tanyard Creek Park. I have never been to this park so trees and grass are all I knew to expect. I did a fair amount of homework on the location as I always do. A fellow photographer told me about the covered bridge and water access. 

The day of the shoot I arrived at what I believed was the park. If you've never been to Tanyard Creek the parking setup will have you guessing. I mean you don't want to leave your car and when you return it's booted or even worse towed. Once the parking is situated and meet up with my photographer friends (los tres fotógrafos) and of course meet our model, Jaqueline. I had seen pics of Jaqueline on Facebook so I knew she was gorgeous. After seeing her in person. I knew this was THE opportunity to swing for the fence and do my best or strike out trying. Anyway, the shoot was EPIC. Jaqueline couldn't have been a better model. She took direction well and improvised with posing. During the shoot, I learned that she was a makeup artist and did her own makeup for the shoot. She changed into three outfits, each time they got better. If you're interested in working with Jaqueline or you need a dope makeup artist you can contact her through her Facebook model page or Instagram Links provided below.

JDiaz Facebook JDiaz Instagram

I am happy with the final edits and with my growth as a photographer. Thank you Jaqueline for being such an amazing model, we have to do this again. I thank you for taking the time to read this post, I hope you enjoy my work. Please comment, like and share. 

Senior Portraits

I ventured to my hometown for high school senior portraits this past weekend. My first location was a beautiful sprawling property. I have to say, it would be hard not to get amazing shots here. It had a pond, a pine tree orchard, some of the most beautiful oak trees and a tire swing. Special thanks to both property owners for allowing us to shoot and being so welcoming. And thank you Kimberly and Sharonda for assisting. 

I will be posting both shoots soon so check back! 


Will Iphone7

My second location wasn't too far from the first and was just as impressive. The oaks on this property were covered with Spanish moss. My brain was spinning with shoot ideas for this place.


Gear Used


I shot everything with my D800...Its a 36mp picture grabbing BEAST! I'm still happy with it, I haven't even looked at replacing or upgrading to anything else.


I used a few lenses for both shoots. I forced myself to do this because I have a tendency to show love to my favorite...So, 70-200m 2.8vr1, 85m 1.8d and my 50m 1.8afs were deployed for this mission. They all performed well, no complaints.


My flashpoint Xplor 600 was my key light it was paired with the westcott XXL 48in softbox double diffused. I did use a 38in a glow parapop and the extension head for walking shots. It's a bit lighter and was more controllable for my assistant. I also used a flashpoint zoom for hair light. Everything was triggered with the R2 controller. The Xplor performed flawlessly!  




Historic Fourth Ward Beltline Meetup & Shoot

Last weekend I had the opportunity to shoot with one of the more than many photography facebook groups I'm in. This group has a mixture of photographers and models with various skill levels. The group meets up once a month at a predetermined location to enjoy the hobby we love and learn from each other. 

We decided to meet up at Historic  Fourth Ward SkatePark.  It's Atlanta's first public skatepark and offers an immense variety serving as our backdrop. 


The park has a lot of cool features and the one that stands out to me is its proximity to the Atlanta Beltline. The Beltline is a non-stop happy train of people and pets passing back and forth. Some are out exercising, some are casually walking, I noticed a few out exploring, I even saw a guy with his portable kitchen and sold quick bites to eat. The Beltline sets your senses on fire!

Our group decided to setup under the overpass. The concrete walls there were nicely painted with graffiti. While we were shooting curiosity got the better of some people. Seeing all that camera and lighting gear converged in one spot definitely had something to do with it. I love it when a stranger has questions. This gives me the opportunity to engage with a stranger and explain to them what we are doing and I get to see if I can get them to pose for me. This works quite well. I figure most people who are interested probably want their picture taken anyway. (See above & below)

Our group has no intent to invade the park and pester people for photos. We brought our own models. That's right WE were prepared! Meet Sarah Conklin,_(<- Click to see her Ig) she posed for our group and this is one of the shots I got. Sarah came with a few different looks to choose from and she does makeup. She also brought the prop in this pic!  We didn't chat it up much but, we will be working together again. (See Below)

I didnt mention this eariler but when we all first met up. I couldnt help but notice this woman ride her bike into the park. I noticed her hair and tattos, she had a pinup girl look. I mentioned to someone that I would love to shoot her. Fast forward back to our shoot. The same woman parked her bike near where we were shooting. I wasted no time in asking! Vanessa was more than happy to join us. (See Below)


I would like to thank everyone that participated in the shoot. A special thanks goes to those who allowed me to shoot them. I look forward to next months and working with all of you again. 


Views from my hometown. Pic 6 of 52

Photographers..We have a knack for capturing moments. Moments can be so memorable that photos aren't needed, they are unforgettable. There are also moments that get skewed by time. In cases such as this, a simple photograph has the ability to jar that skewed memory and bring it back. I wish I would have recognized my love for photography earlier in life. I could have frozen my childhood in time and could revisit it without blurred vision. 


USPS Midway, Al

First Baptist Church Midway, Al

The two images are from my hometown Midway, Al. Midway is a small town located in the eastern Bullock county. The town has changed over the years. I wish I could have captured it when I was younger. 

Flashpoint Zoom Lithium Ion TTL

I've always owned Nikon brand speedlights. I've owned a few sb600s, 800s and I briefly owned a sb900 and for the most part, I never had much to complain about. They worked without issues as long as I shot within their capabilities. 

When I decided to sell my lighting setup (Alienbees) I initially planned on keeping my Nikon speedlights. After researching the Flashpoint system and purchasing the Flashpoint Xplor 600 I decided to try the Flashpoint zoom to see how it stacked up. After playing around with it and seeing how easy it worked with its big cousin the Xplor I sold my Nikons and picked up a second. 

D700 50mm afs

Here are a few things I like about the Zoom Li-On.

1. The Lithium Ion battery! This is a God send No more charging and keeping track of double a batteries. Flashpoint claims its capable of 650 full power flashes per charge and its recycle times are faster. IMO every brand of speedlight needs this. 

2. This is a bit of a combo bonus. Its high speed sync ready. Meaning there's no need for any additional adapters, it will sync to 1/8000 of a second and its capable of being a master to other flashpoint lights via 2.4 GHz. I've tested this, it will trigger a slave from a different room, through walls I event went outside and it triggered through brick.

3. It works as an optical slave. I was able to trigger it via Cls from my Nikon cameras, tho the max sync speed is limited to 320 of a second. 

4. Last but not least the price. Adorama sells them new for $179.00. This is a noticeable difference vs brand name gear. The Adorama used section is worthy of a look. They can be found slightly cheaper there.

D700 50mm afs @ 1250iso <-I love this camera

Now for the things I don't like. 

The menu and setups can be a little confusing. One of my lights didn't come with an instruction book and the other one came with the wrong book. After toying around with them I got more familiar. In the pic above you'll notice the color difference in the lcd. The green indicates master mode and the orange represents slave...isn't that cool? 

The build quality seems pretty solid. I was initially surprised how sturdy they felt. I won't be doing any drop test with mine so, ill have to update this post if anything happens. 

D700 50mm afs

The Verdict! 

The pros definitely outweigh the cons when it comes to the R2/Flashpoint Zoom. I'm happy with my purchase and if you're looking to join the Flashpoint family I highly recommend them.



It's My Birthday

Today is my birthday and I must tell you I'm not the celebrating type. I don't need a huge party or to be showered with gifts (unless it's photography related stuff) for me to feel special. I was asked how I'd like to spend my day. I thought about it for a second and then I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I spent my day taking pics of my little star! She enjoyed running and playing and I enjoyed the magical world of high-speed sync. Here are a few pics from my day. 

All shots were taken with my D800 28-70 or 70-200. Lighting: Flashpoint Xplor600. 



The Snowmageddon that wasn't 2 of 52

Atlanta is an interesting place to live when a winter storm has been announced. Schools will be closed, some won't have to work, you'll be warned not to not drive and most important you may want buy meat and bread as soon as possible before the shelves are emptied.

My preparation for Snowpocalypse was different. I charged my batteries and planned on getting out as soon as the sun came up to capture unbothered snow. I hoped to get a shot of either a totally empty interstate or a roadway full of cars abandoned by their owners in order to save their lives. (We can be a little overdramatic when it comes to snow) 

The end result was NOTHING like meteorologist predicted at least in my area it wasn't. I woke up to find the ground barely covered. I mean you cant even call it a dusting. Hours later I went outside and I saw a good opportunity for my photo project. I give you Week 2 of 52. 


D700/50mm Afs

My cant do 365/52 week project post 1

Here she is pic 1 of 52. I will admit after deciding to do this my mind was spinning on what to shoot first! Should I shoot at 1.8 and show big beautiful bokeh? Should I go black & white for a dramatic look? Naaaaa, I was about to sabotage this project before it really begun. I then went and picked up my D700 which I haven't used in months(notice the durrty sensor). I went outside and simply took a shot. I ended up taking 3, my camera was set to bracket shots.

D700 Tamron 17-35 @ 17mm f/13 Manual 3 shots merged. 

Cant do 365 so its a 52 week project for me

Should I give this 365 Project ago is the question I asked myself. Before I could answer my mind was already filling with reasons why I shouldn't. My biggest concern is failure due to not having time to shoot. I'm not a full-time photographer so my camera is tucked away during the week.

I did a quick bit of research and found a lot of helpful information on how to start a project, how to remain interested and how to complete it. My advice to anyone thinking about it is to DO IT! Honestly, there's no reason not to. A project like this can ignite creativity and have you seeing things from a new perspective. It also helps you to tell your story. A photo a day for an entire year will give good insite to how 2017 went from start to finish. 

My 365 will be informal, I plan on using my slr, my iphone 6s and possibly film. These shots may or may not be edited. I will take and post 1 picture for each week of the year. I'm allowing myself to play catch-up on weekends if necessary. 

Now to take that first shot!