San Antonio

First Time Second Shooter.

Like many photogs out there im looking for opportunity to build on my skills as well as showcase them. I out of town photographer was hired to shoot a wedding in my area and they made a Facebook post looking for a second shooter. This is pretty common tho, I rarely throw my name in the hat with the rest of the horde of people trying to be selected for a gig. 

Welp, I just moved to a new city and I thought its time to put myself out there and try new things. I tossed a couple of links to my work in the post and wouldn't you know it...they picked me! The photographer and I shot a few dm's back and fourth and next thing I know im second shooting a wedding in a couple of weeks. 

I was tasked with shooting the groom and groomsmen as they traveled from the hotel to the ceremony venue. I have to tell you, shooting in a moving stretched hummer limousine is not easy.  


Catholic weddings differ from traditional weddings. A Catholic wedding is first and foremost a liturgy—that is, the public prayer of the whole Church, not just a private ceremony for those present. Cameras and equipment aren't allowed to be placed where they will disturb the liturgy. 

The weddings location was Mission Conception. I scouted the location prior to the ceremony so I knew it was dimly lit. Thankfully we were allowed to use on-camera flash. Our movement was heavily restricted I shot from one side of the room and the primary photog had the opposite side. If you find yourself shooting a Catholic wedding be sure to ask someone in charge about the rules, they vary from place to place.