First Time Second Shooter.

Like many photogs out there im looking for opportunity to build on my skills as well as showcase them. I out of town photographer was hired to shoot a wedding in my area and they made a Facebook post looking for a second shooter. This is pretty common tho, I rarely throw my name in the hat with the rest of the horde of people trying to be selected for a gig. 

Welp, I just moved to a new city and I thought its time to put myself out there and try new things. I tossed a couple of links to my work in the post and wouldn't you know it...they picked me! The photographer and I shot a few dm's back and fourth and next thing I know im second shooting a wedding in a couple of weeks. 

I was tasked with shooting the groom and groomsmen as they traveled from the hotel to the ceremony venue. I have to tell you, shooting in a moving stretched hummer limousine is not easy.  


Catholic weddings differ from traditional weddings. A Catholic wedding is first and foremost a liturgy—that is, the public prayer of the whole Church, not just a private ceremony for those present. Cameras and equipment aren't allowed to be placed where they will disturb the liturgy. 

The weddings location was Mission Conception. I scouted the location prior to the ceremony so I knew it was dimly lit. Thankfully we were allowed to use on-camera flash. Our movement was heavily restricted I shot from one side of the room and the primary photog had the opposite side. If you find yourself shooting a Catholic wedding be sure to ask someone in charge about the rules, they vary from place to place. 

Stranger In Lillian Webb Park

While on a group shoot in Norcross, Ga Lillian Webb Park I met this gentleman and his family. They were out for a walk, enjoying the weather. My fellow photog friends were already grabbing shots when I came over. This is my favorite from the set. D700 85m 1.8D ((<-Its for sale)) Flashpoint Xplor 600 W/38in Glow Parapop camera right.

I gave his wife my contact information but, I havent heard from him. If anyone out there knows who he is send him my way. Id like to work with him. 

Senior Portraits

I ventured to my hometown for high school senior portraits this past weekend. My first location was a beautiful sprawling property. I have to say, it would be hard not to get amazing shots here. It had a pond, a pine tree orchard, some of the most beautiful oak trees and a tire swing. Special thanks to both property owners for allowing us to shoot and being so welcoming. And thank you Kimberly and Sharonda for assisting. 

I will be posting both shoots soon so check back! 


Will Iphone7

My second location wasn't too far from the first and was just as impressive. The oaks on this property were covered with Spanish moss. My brain was spinning with shoot ideas for this place.


Gear Used


I shot everything with my D800...Its a 36mp picture grabbing BEAST! I'm still happy with it, I haven't even looked at replacing or upgrading to anything else.


I used a few lenses for both shoots. I forced myself to do this because I have a tendency to show love to my favorite...So, 70-200m 2.8vr1, 85m 1.8d and my 50m 1.8afs were deployed for this mission. They all performed well, no complaints.


My flashpoint Xplor 600 was my key light it was paired with the westcott XXL 48in softbox double diffused. I did use a 38in a glow parapop and the extension head for walking shots. It's a bit lighter and was more controllable for my assistant. I also used a flashpoint zoom for hair light. Everything was triggered with the R2 controller. The Xplor performed flawlessly!  




It's My Birthday

Today is my birthday and I must tell you I'm not the celebrating type. I don't need a huge party or to be showered with gifts (unless it's photography related stuff) for me to feel special. I was asked how I'd like to spend my day. I thought about it for a second and then I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I spent my day taking pics of my little star! She enjoyed running and playing and I enjoyed the magical world of high-speed sync. Here are a few pics from my day. 

All shots were taken with my D800 28-70 or 70-200. Lighting: Flashpoint Xplor600.