Flashpoint Evolv200

Quick shots with Audre

Last week I was on a group shoot with my fellow photographers where I took this quick shots of Audre. She was one of the many models who showed up to the monthly meet. The shoot was held at Thrasher Park in Norcross, Ga. When attending meets I to talk shop, network, share knowledge, test/practice with new gear and last on the list is to shoot. 

I don't know the official headcount for the meet but I do know the previous count was demolished...by a lot. Audre just happened to be one of the models I shot and I liked her pics enough to share. 


All pics were taken with the Nikon D810 Sigma 135 and were lit with 2 Evolv200s fired into a 38in Glow Parapop softbox. 


Flashpoint Evolv200 First Shoot

I have to admit I was reluctant to buy the Evolv. Before its release, I'd read and seen a lot of information about it and it was hard to ignore the online buzz. Still, I thought I had no need for it. I have my Xplor for my main light and a few speedlights for backup, I was set. 

Fast forward to after its release and like any good piece of gear it exploded online. My facebook groups were overrun with unboxing videos, shoot videos,  pics of it in its various forms Evolv/AD200) and of course pics taken with it. It was hard to miss anything surrounding this flash.

I ended up ordering and you can see the results of my first outing with it. I have to say I'm completely happy with the Evolv. If you already own Godox/Flashpoint gear it works with the R2 family perfectly. I had only triggered it from the unit when I got it to ensure it was working properly and fully charged the battery. Using it on this shoot couldn't have been easier. The X32N was used to trigger, again im familiar with Godox/Flashpoint gear so I had zero issues in the field.  It was paired it with my Glow 38in Parapop which made it very portable on an old heavy duty Paul C Buff stand. My Xplor600 was in my bag just in case the Evolv wasn't enough but, I never needed it. Another thing worth mentioning is how incredible the battery life is. I shot two models and when I was done the battery was at the halfway point. 

A special thanks goes to the model for this shoot Jacqueline Garzone! 

Flashpoint Evolv200 (Not my Pic) 

Flashpoint Evolv200 (Not my Pic)