365 Project

The Snowmageddon that wasn't 2 of 52

Atlanta is an interesting place to live when a winter storm has been announced. Schools will be closed, some won't have to work, you'll be warned not to not drive and most important you may want buy meat and bread as soon as possible before the shelves are emptied.

My preparation for Snowpocalypse was different. I charged my batteries and planned on getting out as soon as the sun came up to capture unbothered snow. I hoped to get a shot of either a totally empty interstate or a roadway full of cars abandoned by their owners in order to save their lives. (We can be a little overdramatic when it comes to snow) 

The end result was NOTHING like meteorologist predicted at least in my area it wasn't. I woke up to find the ground barely covered. I mean you cant even call it a dusting. Hours later I went outside and I saw a good opportunity for my photo project. I give you Week 2 of 52. 


D700/50mm Afs

My cant do 365/52 week project post 1

Here she is pic 1 of 52. I will admit after deciding to do this my mind was spinning on what to shoot first! Should I shoot at 1.8 and show big beautiful bokeh? Should I go black & white for a dramatic look? Naaaaa, I was about to sabotage this project before it really begun. I then went and picked up my D700 which I haven't used in months(notice the durrty sensor). I went outside and simply took a shot. I ended up taking 3, my camera was set to bracket shots.

D700 Tamron 17-35 @ 17mm f/13 Manual 3 shots merged. 

Cant do 365 so its a 52 week project for me

Should I give this 365 Project ago is the question I asked myself. Before I could answer my mind was already filling with reasons why I shouldn't. My biggest concern is failure due to not having time to shoot. I'm not a full-time photographer so my camera is tucked away during the week.

I did a quick bit of research and found a lot of helpful information on how to start a project, how to remain interested and how to complete it. My advice to anyone thinking about it is to DO IT! Honestly, there's no reason not to. A project like this can ignite creativity and have you seeing things from a new perspective. It also helps you to tell your story. A photo a day for an entire year will give good insite to how 2017 went from start to finish. 

My 365 will be informal, I plan on using my slr, my iphone 6s and possibly film. These shots may or may not be edited. I will take and post 1 picture for each week of the year. I'm allowing myself to play catch-up on weekends if necessary. 

Now to take that first shot!